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Jo and Shingo refuse to take part in anything that would inadvertently help the USC, Gakuto doesn't want to go against the Aboveground Student Council since his love interest, Mistuko, is a member and Andre is still a mental wreck. Kiyoshi arrives, and not only did he not know its her birthday, he gave his love confession while at the same time admitting to all the crazy things he did with Hana. In exchange for getting information about his friends he gets good food, the USC no longer punishes him, and he gets to leave school under the guise that he's running errands for the USC. All of the characters she's targeting know she's up to no good but still fall for her traps, most of which require minimal effort from her part. Smells Sexy : Unsurprisingly, a small and dirty prison with just five guys smells pretty bad.

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The School also had the real-life, normal variant of the Student Council, and aren't relevant to the plot until the Underground Student Council's crimes was exposed and had to be sent to the prison themselves.

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All of this causes a very startled Anzu to give Shingo a severe beating , which Kiyoshi told Shingo would happen since Hana beat him up as well. Accidental Hero : Gakuto tries to retrieve the Plastic Bottle Rocket idol, which inadvertently contributed to diverting the helicopter's direction that was about to collide with the school. Shingo, who sees that Kiyoshi is bleeding from his butt assumes it's hemorrhoids and tells Meiko. Specifically, he rambles constantly about impossible escape plans.

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