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It looks like Osorio had some issues with the nudity as well. But he knows that it's not that type of situation. I would think that if these ladies were going onto a show called Naked And Afraid that they would be comfortable being naked on camera. He always tells them that he's more worried that I am safe and healthy. The Discovery Channel sends a group of naked coupled strangers into the wild for three weeks.

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naked and afraid uncensored footage

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The Women From 'Naked And Afraid' Are Revealing All The Dirty Secrets From Behind The Scenes

So if they are left alone, do they get a little frisky? The production crew goes back to base camp at the end of the day and the two are left alone in the wild. According to Osorio, "You have no libido out there at all. Find out what their kids think about mommy being naked with a perfect stranger.

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