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I cannot support a platform that would hurt and oppress any group of people, especially a group of people who have suffered and continue to suffer daily. Source: art-woonz , via peliga. Alternatively- Writer: Looks around room. Can it be used as a metaphor? Thats why they send you an email so you can check the content that was flagged. For example, you may know your way around a a new town or a landscape despite having never been there, and knowing that it is impossible for you to have this knowledge. Its annoying but its better than Tumblr deleting all of it at once.

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Alicia. Age: 31.
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I have been on this site for years now, daily, and have enjoyed it greatly.

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Jazlyn. Age: 32.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

My email is up to date and I didnt get a notification one of my posts were flagged— a friend told me. Source: lunarmelody13 , via nebilas-writes. I only find strongly that they resemble what I have felt before under similar abnormal conditions. Already, many people have been affected by their censorship plans.

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