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He was buried atop the ridge at Beecher's Hope, just a short distance from the grave of John. Afterwards, Dickens promised to help John get into Fort Mercer to kill Bill Williamson, but John first had to get funds for the assault by helping Dickens sell his product and win some horse races. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. With his wife, Abigail, and son, Jack, Marston bought a ranch to live peacefully in After a long shootout and a chase through the Cochinay's cave system, John corners Dutch at the edge of a cliff. Seth agrees, but upon locating the treasure in the abandoned mansion of ghost town Tumbleweed, it is discovered the treasure map led to a glass eye. Allende subsequently attempts to exchange Bill for his freedom but is shot and killed.

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red dead redemption ms mcfarlane

Marshal Leigh Johnson is the year-old head of the local police force of Armadillo.

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Bonnie MacFarlane

Seth Briars is a treasure hunter and grave robber who, with former companion Moses Forth, found a map detailing a vast treasure. Jack spent his childhood in the gang with John and Abigail until the family fled and settled on a ranch. Landon Ricketts is voiced by Ross Hagen. John, in retaliation, guns down the killer and his cohorts and escorts MacDougal to safety.

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