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The MRIs show lower gray matter volumes in the central brain areas "subcortical" regions of the participant on the right, compared with the left. Some previous studies have found a link between obesity and lower brain volumes as well as changes in white matter. More studies are needed to investigate that link and to determine whether weight loss could benefit the brain, the authors said. In a study published in January, researchers also found a link between belly fat and lower brain volumes , but this study used waist-to-hip ratio, another indirect measure of obesity. A new study finds that higher levels of body fat are tied to lower brain volumes in certain areas. But those studies tended to be small, and they used indirect measures of body fat, such as body mass index BMI , which is a ratio of weight to height.

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In the new study, the researchers analyzed information from 12, people living in the United Kingdom, with an average age of

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The link between body fat and brain volume was stronger among men compared with women, according to the study, published today April 23 in the journal Radiology. Those include the thalamus, caudate nucleus, hippocampus , globus pallidus, putamen and nucleus accumbens. Participants underwent an MRI to assess their brain's gray- and white-matter structure.

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