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All she could do was nod as she was still coming off the high she just had. Their legs became entangled as she rolled closer to him and pressed a quick kiss to his lips before parting away from him. She watched in amazement as the door pushed in by itself then slid to the side, revealing a cage like elevator. His fingers then slowly entered her as he moved them in and out, it was a snail pace but as his fingers began to move in a figure eight motion, the faster his fingers began to go. But to her left, she saw something that she had only seen in newspapers years ago, the Wayne Manor. And every time they tried to recruit you, but none of them exceeded in doing so. Her body tightened around his as he planted his lips back onto hers while he slowly kept thrusting before he finally pulled out and rolled next to her.

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Brynn. Age: 21.
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Everyone was taking the day off from their duties and even though it was a day off, all of them were in the bat cave working away on what they needed to get done.

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Monserrat. Age: 28.
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His hands began to roam up her body as he took off her shirt causing their kiss to break and she quickly return the favor with taking his shirt off then throwing it across the room. Moving over her body, he wrapped his arms around her body as she did the same. Walking through the halls of the mansion, she made a quick admiration of the paintings that adorned the walls.

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