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She didn't handle it the way that I would have imagined: She was really mad, she was really disappointed that I hadn't told her. Sara: My questioning of my identity and sexuality started in elementary school. You're not going to be interested in this if you're a dude. If we were in any other industry this person could be fired. I can remember writing letters, old-school style, to the editors of certain magazines and online publications and saying, "This is sexual harassment. Sara took the initial blast, for sure.

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Mostly what it did was it shouldered us with shame, because we were supposed to just take it.

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Tegan: Or share girlfriends, or, "Do you get your period at the same time? You don't have a career yet. We didn't have this strong fanbase who could say, "Excuse me, this is inappropriate. He said, "When people say 'Sara and Tegan,' it all blends together into one word and they don't know what you're saying.

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