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Such was the fate of one up-and-coming Irish actor who hit on her as she was smoking a cigarette alone after an awards show. Like I'm into sex with knives," she says, laughing at the thought. But to Bandit that's the horse , this is more of a suggestion, and what this horse needs right now is a command, a firm whack on the undercarriage with both heels that says "Stop screwing off! Get her going and she'll deliver a blue monologue that sounds as if it were lifted out of a Judd Apatow stoner flick. People come to see the effects and the robots and the explosions. I'm addicted to sex, I just can't get enough.

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Carla. Age: 32.
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I just really want a daddy, can you be my daddy?

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Presley. Age: 27.
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Megan Fox: The Full Portfolio and Cover Story

She's not licking her fork seductively, or smearing barbecue sauce all over her face, or dripping mashed potatoes down her chest, or doing any of the things she's asked to do time and time again in photo shoots. In fact, Fox is a homebody who prefers to watch hours of Animal Planet rather than go to bars or clubs, and she tries to avoid the Hollywood scene as much as she can. Lucie, Florida, where she was enrolled in a strict Christian high school.

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