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Count Michelle Meyrink as another of the Revenge Of The Nerds stars that turned their backs on Hollywood—but she may be the one who made the most of her brief acting career as well. You bet, though the future Oscar-nominated co-star of Babe was still going by Jamie Cromwell when he stepped into the role of Mr. With so many fresh young faces breaking out in Revenge of the Nerds , it's easy to forget that the great John Goodman was also in the mix as the nerd-loathing football coach. You've likely heard his voice work in shows like American Dad! But we'll always remember him for bringing the extended members of Lambda Lambda Lambda to the aid of of their Adam's College brothers in the final minutes of Revenge of the Nerds —and delivering the film's best " stand up and cheer " moment in the process. To his credit, Gibb embraced the challenge, delivered a fiery, funny performance , and made the mindless dolt one of the film's most memorable characters—just as he's done with dozens of roles in the years since.

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To his credit, Armstrong has always embraced the passion fans hold for Booger.

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Andrew Cassese - Wormser AndrewCassese. Throughout the film, her character has nude pictures distributed across campus without her knowledge, is slighted and ignored by her jock of a boyfriend, and becomes the unwitting victim of what can only be considered sexual assault—no matter how she reacts after the fact. As you can imagine, these stars have changed quite a bit over the years.

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