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Squidward jumps out the window, but the crowd is still outside, and they start to approach him. The Purple Doctorfish says that Squidward had asked to keep SpongeBob far away from him, but SpongeBob promises to stay out of the way. Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program. Outstanding Children's Animated Program. Many fans follow the limo, and take pictures of Squidward as he walks to his house.

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Just as the Doctorfish is about to cut the bandages, SpongeBob interrupts him, saying to not rush it.

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The Two Faces of Squidward

Originally, the thing that was going cause Squidward to get a broken face was a truck. Squidward tries to enjoy his bath, but a huge fish emerges from his bath, and then fish start coming through his window, door and even toilet, and try to 'get' him. Production In this episode, SpongeBob says, "Handsome.

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