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No matter how many whiny cheaters come into your inbox, keep doin' your thing and help improve the community on Neo. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but Tony is actually a Clraik member too, and you were being very obvious about cheating. Next time sit back, and realize a true friend would post a sentence, maybe two claiming your innocence. Stop shooting the messenger. The only time it becomes an issue is when someone is reported. If you have a problem with me, message me and stop hiding behind the screen. Why report people that buy UCs and bring inactive ones back in so people can achieve dream pets?

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LOL just so you dumbfucks know, I'm not selling anything.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

You're all idiots for believing it, I've been working long shifts at work and seriously haven't even been on my laptop really. LOL just so you dumbfucks know, I'm not selling anything. I see I have been accused of being an illegit player. And don't involve innocent people I have seen people caught up in stupid situations cause the person who bought the uc wasn't careful or was spiteful.

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