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japanese nose fetish
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Not all fetishes rise from tragedies… i agree. Dan the Automator Remixes the Blue Angels. Do you do any research other than searching these sites? Indeed you should be more open-minded, but rather than applying your efforts to sex, you should probably focus on your acceptance of racial and cultural differences. By the way, from my own exerience living here for 4 years now, I can say the Japanese attitute is a lot more open when it comes to sex.

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It seems like a specialized niche of breath play, maybe?

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What the F*ck is Wrong With the Japanese? (Nose Abuse Fetish)

Are you a superior Christian or something? Many Americans are not as repressed and afraid of human sexuality as you apparently are. Anyone with an elementary degree in psychology would come to the logical conclusion that a culture with people proselytizing these unique fetishes on the internet is obviously suppressing the more and no offense to those with exotic sexual fantasies orthodox and, er, natural sexual practices. I don't think there's a "normal" when it comes to sex.

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