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The same is often done during sex scenes. I found that every time I put my robe back on, it rubbed all the body makeup off, and that added 20 minutes to filming," she told the publication. When working with Dakota Johnson on "50 Shades of Grey," actor Jamie Dornan said he utilized humor to help everyone feel more comfortable during the sex scenes. Even though sex scenes can be brief on-screen, they can actually take hours to film, whether it's due to makeup touch-ups, director's notes, or lighting changes. Nude-colored underwear, full-body makeup, and other coverings are also used to shield certain body parts from the camera. There are, however, times when directors prefer improv during sex scenes. Many have described feelings of insecurity about their body or appearance prior to filming sex scenes, including Allison Janney, who did her first-ever sex scene for Showtime's "Masters of Sex.

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A tube sock over their penis," Ashford told the magazine. I had a breast double for the boob-in-the-face, and I had a butt double. Whether or not an actor is willing to allow improv during the filming of sex scenes is something that can be negotiated in their SAG-AFTRA nudity rider. It's so technical, but we're humans, and they're naked, and they touch each other.

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