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Hi Tim, I think this is a problem a lot of parents face these days. She is the kind of a child who looks very bright to both I the parent and the teachers but when it comes to her performance in class she gets very law grades. Hi Sumitha, really found that article useful. So maybe she finds herself in a spot where she is unable to share or strike a sensible conversation and vents it out in the form of angry outbursts. That seemed to help and he had two great weeks. I explain to him that his behavior is not appropriate and his friends will not want to play with him.

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Frankly though, I am not there yet.

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Prevention is better than cure. Shumitha , my daughter is 5 years old ,we have lots of problem everyday to make her eat her breakfast and dinner. I am so glad to hear that you are meeting with them to discuss it. What does one do if their 6 yr old daughter is cranky all the time, shouts on people at home, hits or claws the nanny, disobeys or misbehaves all the time but is a well behaved girl out of the house?

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