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But it nearly never happened. It was only upon viewing Pi that she changed her mind. Not all the parameters set to flesh out the character were self-imposed, however. The call itself was done for real — both sides were shot simultaneously on adjacent parts of the set through a live phone hookup. During production Burstyn went through four necks, two fat suits and nine wigs. In fact, most of her wardrobe in the movie was self-made.

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A slight man to begin with, Leto dropped 25 pounds to portray the heroin-addled Harry Goldfarb, before befriending a group of addicts to better understand the disease and give a more respectful performance.

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Stories From The Set: Requiem for a Dream

When Aronofsky asked Selby for his blessing, it transpired that the latter had once worked on his own screenplay years prior. The friendship proved genuine, as many of the group turned up as extras in the film. Shot like a hip-hop montage to get the sense of overwhelming addiction and loss of control, the film contains over cuts where a film of similar length averages only

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