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This doesn't last long and Peg goes back to being herself. Jefferson D'Arcy - Marcy's second husband, who she met at a party and married while intoxicated. Uncle Sticky brother Otto and Irwin brothers. He is a male version of Peggy, both are lazy and prefer not to work, the difference is Marcy wants Jefferson to stay home and have him be her gigolo while Al wants Peggy out of house and doesn't want to sleep with her. This is probably because she does the same thing by going to male strip clubs and ogling other men.

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Jocelynn. Age: 22.
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But, from season 2 onward, she was shown to be rather lazy and inept, mistaking the dishwasher for the oven while trying to cook steak for Bruce , having a breakdown while attempting to make crowned rack of lamb or leaving strands of red hair in the cookie dough she had Marcy help her with.

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Analia. Age: 26.
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During the first season of MWC, Peggy was shown to have some culinary ability and was able to cook actual meals for the family though on occasion, Al and the kids would feed it to Buck rather than actually eat the meal. She would often leave the mess as is or rely on Marcy again. Uncle Sticky brother Otto and Irwin brothers. In other episodes, she worked hard to make a meal for Al, only for him to suffer from botched dental surgery or being impaled on the Cart of Death by Peggy, leaving him unable to enjoy the meal she made.

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