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After a wonderful few hours spent making rough plans for our forthcoming Indian adventure and reminiscing about previous trips, we walked back and spent the evening watching the entire BBC political drama series from the Nineties, House of Cards. If you've been following me for a while you probably won't see much difference after our recent bathroom re-do. The basket holding the loo rolls and the s Salter bathroom scales are charity shop finds where else? Jon made roasted vegetables with haloumi for tea and we started watching a subtitled Dutch crime series called Blood Pact accompanied by rum and gin. After a lunchtime bowl of vegetable chilli noodles, I spent the remainder of the day taking up the hem of my Pakistani block printed kaftan and replacing the handle on one of our jute shopping bags whilst Jon acquainted himself with his new gadget. The s vinyl laundry bin came from a charity shop. Today, like most Saturdays, started with a vegetarian sausage sandwich.

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Kyndall. Age: 20.
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I consumed a total of 70 books in - the first time I've ever kept track of my reading.

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Rosemary. Age: 28.
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I'm sure I don't need to tell you that the Mid-Century art glass, retro Bush radio, first aid kit and various ceramic odds and ends all came from charity shops. Jon successfully cut the replacement door to size and rehung it. I cooked a cauliflower cheese with roasted carrots and parsnips for tea and we watched Defiance on the i-Player, the final episode of A Christmas Carol and Martin's Close , a brilliant half-an-hour ghostly courtroom drama on BBC4 set in the 17th Century.

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