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When Nick got to the band of your lacy black underwear he pulled away and smiled. You felt yourself grow heated at his words and his kisses, loving the feel of his hands over your body. Before he started on his pants, you took that as your cue to pull yours down as well. Nick immediately stripped off his shirt tossing it to the ground unceremoniously. So assume that this will be smutty as fuck. You could already see how hard he was through his trousers, but you decided to have your hands travel over him, feeling him through his pants. You took it and Nick pulled you down to him.

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Londyn. Age: 22.
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Will it be bountiful or barren?

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Aisha. Age: 31.
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He pushed you down onto your cloak, never breaking the kiss; suddenly his hand slithered under your skirt and found your sex. The smile plastered on his face was honesty contagious. The both of you giggling like mad as you ran, feeling your adrenaline climb as you made your way deeper into the forest, Nick looking for a perfectly secluded spot.

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