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The evil Kibosh has invented a device to send Casper's human friends to a place where they "would not have a ghost of a chance of being found" and has hypnotized the Ghostly Trio into doing his bidding. The evil Kibosh has taken over the Spirit World and is intent on also taking over the mortal world. Cover of Casper the Friendly Ghost 1 March Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. However, the animals that he meets a rooster, a mole, a cat, a mouse named Herman , and a group of hens take one horrified look at him, scream: "A ghost! These films are often referred to as being "prequels" to the feature [ citation needed ] despite the fact that they heartily contradict the feature and do not appear to even take place in the same universe. The other Famous produced Casper cartoons had already been acquired by television distributor U.

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casper richie rich

A series of three games, for PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS and Wii, based on the computer animated film and TV series of the same name released in and

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These were later adapted into Noveltoons before Paramount started a Casper the Friendly Ghost series in , and ran the theatrical releases until the summer of Distraught, Casper unsuccessfully attempts to commit suicide apparently forgetting that he is already dead by lying down on a railway track before an oncoming train, before he meets two children named Bonnie and Johnny who become his friends. Casper went on to become one of the most famous properties from Famous Studios.

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