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anime girl light pink hair
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Furthermore, as more girls are introduced, you might notice that Moka is also not the brightest bulb as well. While the Gowther that most people see is kind of dead inside and out with no emotions, in the past you see a character much more fitting of his hair color. She is the worst at magic and just an all around ditz. However, he has a vicious streak that really undermines that. Tomoya from Rainbow Days For boys, pink hair can also be indicative to them being an excessive flirt, and that is the case with Mattsun.

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Cecelia. Age: 27.
anime girl light pink hair

While he acts like a cool, flirty narcissist, he is also very caring.

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Rosie. Age: 23.
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45 Characters With Pink Hair

Yuki from School Live Oh, Yuki. Madoka from Madoka Magica Madoka is your classic moe pink haired character. She is small and childlike, but again, there is a good reason for her ultra-annoying attitude. Sakura never gave up on any of her friends, even Sasuke who turned pretty evil for awhile there, but she always believed in him.

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