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She is not just one of the sexiest anime girls, but also one of the heroes of humankind. Without a doubt, one of the hot animated women is Ikaros. She went throughout the land, helping the needy. Irina is the female protagonist who always prayed before fighting. Ichiko has extraordinary gifts of great physical appearance, intelligence, perception, strength of character, luck, intuition, and wealth. Who is hottest men in the world?

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Adley. Age: 26.
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Celica is regarded as the greatest Mage on earth.

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Caitlin. Age: 24.
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100 Sexiest Animated Females!

If you are an animated series lover, you probably want to know what position your favourite animated image ranks among the hottest. She is one of the characters in the Violet Evergarden series and has a special admiration for young working women. Iris is sexy, hot, and beautiful with her yellow-golden eyes. Erina wields the best palate as God's tongue.

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