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I is great for couples and takes up no space. They are no longer thought of as some kind of bondage device, designed to restrain whilst a submissive is subjected to all kinds of pain, but are now considered a piece of equipment for both halves of a couple to use and enjoy to enhance their love making. I have even gone with my partner to a woods and arranged to meet some guys there for a gangbang. The penetration you get from these is amazing! Another device that seems popular and would come with my recommendation is the Bondage Love Swing.

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amateur sex swing

I have been in the swing, naked, spread and exposed so my partner, or any one he desires has been able to use me.

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The final thing to consider is the anchor point. Wanting to experience various sexual pleasures while being a working student can be quite a hard task, because no matter how much energy and…. There are basically two choices, leather or manmade.

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