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Zeratul and Artanis activated the xel'naga temple and destroyed the zerg on Shakuras, [64] but by this time Kerrigan had left. I don't want that to happen, and I'm pretty sure you don't want it to happen either. Cutscenes: Skygeirr Station Missions in English. Cinematic: Dangerous Games. But despite Horner's plan of leaving the rendezvous point and circling back to pick up Raynor, Kerrigan wasn't interested. In , Kerrigan was sent to the moon of G

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sarah kerrigan rule 34

The figure told her that her chances of defeating Mengsk were nullified as long as his hybrid were alive and that defeating them was a top priority.

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Sarah Kerrigan

Kerrigan was carried outside by Raynor. Conversations after: Enemy Within in English. She voiced her concerns that she and Raynor should have never got involved. Kerrigan tried to contact Raynor, but instead picked up a UNN broadcast.

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