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While she may be a bit aggressive, she's doing it for a good cause. Ino popped her head out from her ensuite and frowned. The familiar smell of Itachi's sheets overwhelmed her senses. From then on, they were all Babe. Hinata hugged Itachi from his seat before going to meet Sasuke in the garage.

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Ino had always been the prettiest most popular girl in school, and for whatever reason, she decided that she really wanted to be friends with Sakura.

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Just look at those glasses. He and the Teme got into arguments all the time about how they couldn't just ward guys away from her if they weren't going to pursue her themselves. Hinata Hyuga, the fan girl who watched afar in all her academy years. It was the kind of awkward where they were both going through with it because they were already there in the middle of it.

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