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ET: A number of Twitter accounts posting uncensored photos of Jennifer Lawrence nude have been suspended. Additionally, a spokesperson for Ariana Grande has reportedly denied the authenticity of images purporting to show the singer nude, calling the photos "completely fake," in an email to BuzzFeed. At least two of the alleged victims of the hack initially disputed the authenticity of the images. No website is obligated to take down photos even if a court orders it to do so and copyright law has its own limitations. Other celebrities on the list have maintained that the images purporting to depict them are fake:. The law: How the photo hackers and sharers could be prosecuted What you can do: How to protect your photos on iCloud What Reddit has done: Reddit bans subgroup for nude celeb photos. But Reddit has banned a subgroup called "The Fappening" that became a clearinghouse for the nude photos on Saturday.

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ET: We've added information about the likelihood of removing the nude photos from the web to the top of this story.

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I am angry at this massive invasion of privacy, and like the other women who are in this situation alongside of me, I am taking legal action to protect my rights," she wrote. Early word of the images began spreading on 4Chan earlier in the day, where posters claimed that the images were the result of hacker intrusions on a number of iCloud accounts and smartphones. And still others have seemingly acknowledged the authenticity of the photos while adding their own spin, like Kaley Cuoco:.

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