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When Gwen saw her brother almost completely changed into a DNAlien, she restrained him and prevented him from being attacked by Ben and Kevin—they having not recognized him yet. Alongside the others, Ken aided them in rescuing Max, who revealed that he'd been keeping up-to-date with all of their experiences since his disappearance. This article is about Gwen's brother. I'd like to see Gwen's brother in Omniverse, if possible, just to see how he'd look like. Sign In Don't have an account? Both Ben and Gwen looked up to him. After being traced to his last known location, Ken's trail was first followed by his Grandpa Max, who tracked him down to a DNAlien Hatchery.

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Ken, having previously known nothing about his grandfather's former life as a Plumber , was questioned by a DNAlien for any information, but Ken knowing nothing, the DNAlien, having already known that Ken knew nothing, placed a Xenocyte on Ken's face, which began to convert him into a DNAlien.

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Gwen never had a brother, or? At Ben's confirmation, Ben and the Omnitrix together restored Ken to his human form. You might have been looking for Ken Tennyson , Ben 10,'s son.

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