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Keah Brown for Autostraddle? I figure that the best way to do that is through a list that holds no true order. Disability representation, bisexual and a gorgeous smile! Other members of this list: Michelle Obama, either Williams sister, Betty White, Beyonce, Kristine Lily, that teenager who skied to the south Pole and left a sandwich there for all the dudebros who told her to get back in the kitchen, Helen Mirren, etc. Contribute to the conversation

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In order to do that, I have some people I need to thank.

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They are both so fine that it makes my eyes hurt a little. Solidarity from a fellow disabled queer :. My future boo will have to deal. I try to mind my business; I swear I do, but ever since Alisha appeared as Maia on Shadowhunters and Madeleine on the Charmed reboot I have not known peace.

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