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Although the presence of blood is partly how the saying "popped your cherry" came to be, it is one of the surest ways to tell if your hymen is torn. Before the exam begins, ask you doctor to check things out and report back on the status of your hymen. Although they can look different, there are a few ways to tell if the hymen has been broken or cherry popped. According to the website, Our Bodies Ourselves, the hymen is often ruptured during play and there are various ways the tearing can occur. It's been the subject of legend for years, and remains somewhat mysterious since doctors are still not sure what purpose the hymen serves.

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Just to keep you on your toes, Young Women's Health notes that there are four different types of hymens.

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Popping your cherry

As the Psychology Today pointed out, even after the hymen has been stretched , small bits of the tissue remain around the vaginal opening. When a doctor performs a gynecological exam, checking the hymen for signs of tearing can be included. But every person is different, and while sometimes blood can be present, not every female will experience bleeding when her hymen tears. You should be able to spot these if you look closely.

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