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wife swapping in pakistan
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I don't mean perform an istikhara, I mean use the istikhara card: just tell everyone you performed istikhara because your heart wasn't content and it came out negative. I'm beyond disgusted and shocked and hurt. Welcome to the real world where the demons of books and movies are in fact a sad reality that were previously dusted under the red rug named taboo. Note: We are trying out this new section where our readers can anonymously seek advice from our expert, Ms. If you kept the right for divorce, just send him the papers, and let it be an announcement for all. If you didn't keep the right for divorce, no worries again because your husband is not forcing you to remain in the marriage, so just tell him to send you the divorce deed in return for your silence.

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Cherish. Age: 29.
wife swapping in pakistan

Your issue is not such a big conundrum to figure out, as an outsider.

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Summer. Age: 21.
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Anon Advice: My husband is into wife swapping

This way, no one can stop you from doing the needful, and you won't be forced as much to reveal the reason after the fact. He even says that he's taken aback that he even has to lay this all out for me, because for him, it's revelation that I had no idea about any of this, and about his lifestyle and preferences. But it might get tricky since the nikah is already a year old as these cold feet will seem too sudden not to raise sufficient suspicion. Our parents are friends with each other since a long time.

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