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Rite of Spring , with its blatant celebration of sexuality, has often been held up as a ballet that would be more artistically accurate if portions of it were performed by nude dancers. Wearing ballet leotards hides and unifies the various imperfections of the human body, lending the choreographers, lighting designers and other artistic staff especially the costume designers more control and a wider range of creative choices in their work. Naked ballet may seem like a ridiculous idea, but many people enjoy this form of dance. Unlike other fine arts such as painting and sculpture, where nudity has been able to divorce itself from the automatic implication of sexuality, naked ballet and other dances are still considered by many to be lewd and sensationalistic. In spite of honored choreographers such as Bob Fosse and Li Chiao-Ping who have used nudity to enhance their work, many people object to naked ballet, and in fact nudity in dance overall.

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The whole art of dance is a celebration of the ability, shape and form of the human body.

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Some choreographers even argue that clothing does not make any sense in some dances. Often the male dancers are actually wearing dance belts, as close to nude as most dancers ever get. Often, the same people who are enthusiastic about the beauty of the arch of the foot recoil in horror at the idea of a man's genitals being visible on the stage. In other words, regardless of how unselfconscious, dignified and beautiful the setting, dancers and moves are, the audience is going to have to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to get past the cultural discomfort of seeing body parts they don't normally see.

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