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The comic series was recognized in the Guinness World Records for being the longest running comic series based on a video game. The marriage was annulled and Evil Antoine was sent back to his world thanks to Sonic and Elias. The Bem conduct an experiment by turning Sonic and Tails into their Mecha forms, and turning Robotnik and Snively into humans. This comic featured a mixture of characters, settings, and situations from the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon, the Sonic the Hedgehog video games by Sega , and various other incarnations of Sonic. The story will soon be continued with a story detailing the events after King Sonic's time travel causes another possible future in which Shadow is king.

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Miles Tails' duplicate made a deal with the Freedom Fighters to have Scourge overthrown.

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Sonic does not actually destroy Chaos, as Chaos returns to his ancient beginnings to live in peace. Following the aftermath of the Worlds Collide event, the entire universe had been reset and changed. Because of the popularity of the specials and Miniseries featuring Knuckles, in Knuckles the Echidna became an ongoing series. The loyalty of many of the Freedom Fighters comes into question, particularly notable in a feud between Sonic and Geoffrey Saint John, a member of the Acorn secret service.

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