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Instagram is notoriously strict about nudity. I understand that many people had a Tumblr just for the porn. And the highest-ranking real person overall was Taylor Swift, who made Tumblr a central part of her summer album rollout, and who, fans joke , was late for the red carpet at the American Music Awards because she was busy liking posts about herself. Until , when Yahoo still owned Tumblr but was not yet itself owned by Verizon and had not yet merged with AOL, it had an in-house research team tasked with understanding the mechanics and sociology of the various websites it owned. The lab published one of its last studies postmortem, in January , mapping the place of porn in communities on Flickr and Tumblr.

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From to , the average site visit dropped by nearly a minute, and the average number of pages per visit dropped by more than one and a half.

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The recap paints Tumblr as a vibrant tangle of memes and mini-communities. The nascent social platform Pillowfort has been proposed as an alternative to Tumblr, but users are still required to label NSFW content. But even those people had something to share when they weren't jerking off.

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