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Shadman has also drawn childporn of Hillary Clinton warning: do not click these links, they are revolting and possibly illegal, they are only posted as evidence :. Ivanka may be an adult, but if you wanna get Shad in jail for his childporn, mentioning he sells erotica of her may be another nail in the coffin for him. How does Shadman have fans? How is this not creepy as fuck? He literally fled his home country because the police was investigating him for pedophilia:. Shaddai Prejean is a neo-Nazi pedophile who goes by the nickname Shadman, and he loves drawing childporn.

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Dulce. Age: 30.
shadman logan

Would his fans be okay with him drawing their own children like this with emphasis on bulging child genitalia?

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Natalee. Age: 25.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Yet another alt-righter, shoe0nhead real name June Lapine , is such a big fan of Shadman and his childporn she wants him to draw porn of her:. These men on twitter get aroused by the boundaries being pushed here, the act of advertising a childporn website while posing with a child. Moore was held by Somali pirates for days. Shadman has previously drawn lolicon erotica of iDubbbz creeping on a female youtuber he choose to draw her much younger than her real age :.

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