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She describes her twin brother as "more like a boyfriend" throughout their older teenage and into their university years. A map showing the legality of consensual sex between siblings in Europe. That said, incestuous relationships — even the ones the participants describe as consensual — can have terrible consequences and can cause real damage. Incest is not just reserved for swords and dragons. If you haven't grown up together — as in the case of Grace and Adam — you don't have the gross-factor and immediate familiarity that other siblings develop via living together from birth. Did she see a future for them as a romantic couple, i.

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I'd always assumed incestuous relationships to be rarer than a teenager who eschews social media, and always the product of abuse.

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This raises all kinds of ethical questions about consent, victimhood, legality and morality, but it also raises another big one: can anyone ever really have a healthy, consenting sexual and emotional relationship with a close or blood relative? These communities also offer each other support and discuss legal issues and ways to campaign for legalised incest. Having spent the previous four years interviewing young people from all kinds of backgrounds, my poker face was pretty good — but faced with someone admitting to something so taboo it was hard not to ask the obvious questions. Anna, 23, thinks it's possible.

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