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If my strategy succeeds, I may soon be stashing my wad as well. I expect the measurements of most Mexican women are something like built like the proverbial brick shithouse. Besides the fact that the seats are too narrow and shallow for any respectable industrial-sized butt like my own, the pipes are too fragile to handle any paper, so after you wipe your arse you must throw your original Jackson Pollock miniature in the trash. I have several theories to explain the tortilla butt of the average Mexican woman. And how I hate this new retro-plague of hip-hugger jeans! As for his literary career, Dweebler has been rejected by every earthly magazine at least once, but he is extremely proud of his publication in RealPoetik "Billy and Willey-Nilly" , that microsecond of fame that made it all worthwhile. I stand or preferably sit unbloodied and unbowed after over forty years of abusing food, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, and every other oral or psychedelic pleasure to be had on this earth, including Jimson Weed and glue-sniffing.

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A well-balanced man should be equally at ease in discussing his exits and entrances, I think. I sometimes fear my left cheek may interfere with shifting, but have had no accidents yet, thank the Great Behind. A, B, and C are used to designate types. Hip-huggers have criminally de-emphasized the female ass even on those who possess one.

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