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Dropped by the boss Assassin. The merchant and her sisters had planned out a vacation for the Shepherds, due to their heroics across the Outrealms. Once the battle ends, Chrom confirms the routing of the brigands with the others and the merchant thanks him. Not logged in Create account Log in. If you notice any errors, please report them to a member of our tech support team.

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The merchant then asks herself where her manners and offers to show the Shepherds to their cabana, to which Chrom expresses confustion and wonders if the merchant was expecting the Shepherds.

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So the Tharja ass bikini censorship annoys me because they only censor Tharja!

This poll actually did occur in real life on the official Japanese Awakening website. This beach retreat gives units of the parents' generation a chance to talk to one another. Anna explains what a bikini is, and teases Chrom about his blushing.

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