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princess jasmine hypnotized
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Never, I'd rather die than be your wife! The former sultan closed his eyes and dropped all his moments. He was too lenient to Jasmine and gave her too much power. Jafar smirked again as he aimed his staff at Jasmine's eyes. However, as soon as Jafar heard her cries, he got a second thought. Why did he have his eyes for Jasmine, simple reason, she was the sultan's daughter, if she got married to him, that would make him a sultan when her father passed away. If only the genie was set free when Aladdin had the chance to, the Genie gave him an opportunity as well, unfortunately Aladdin felt like he couldn't keep his promise.

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princess jasmine hypnotized

You're going to get beheaded as soon as the Sultan gains power!

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Aladdin (TV series)

The Genie's face was filled with sadness as he wanted to help his friend, Aladdin so much, unfortunately he couldn't because Jafar was his master and could not go against his master. He demanded the former sultan and the princess to bow to him. Hypnotized guilt Chapter one Jafar knew what he wanted, and he knew exactly how to get it.

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