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A master diver and former Navy Seal are dropped off in the ocean, miles from land. Warm, slimy, prickly pears provide a bitter snack for the survivalists. Forrest has also recently launched an international travel-based cuisine website and continues to do advanced biological work throughout Southern California. Naked With No Phones in the Jungle. What's brown and fat and has 24 very sharp teeth? Frustrated with Adam's inability to make fire, Samantha decides to take charge and has a realization. As an avid nature lover and outdoor enthusiast, primitive survival became the next step in his quest to get closer to the natural world.

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Unable to dry her feet for days, Kaila's skin begins to show signs of trench foot.

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Naked With No Phones in the Jungle. Adam and Samantha face their fears about getting naked with a stranger in Velebit, Croatia. Trevor went on a rigorous diet plan to make up the 20 pounds he lost. As a biologist, Forrest refined his wildlife knowledge on an academic level and put his education to use in real world settings in over 36 countries around the planet.

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