Aurora jolie wiki

aurora jolie wiki
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Stefan was mysterious like a wrong act person, it was showed when he only says that Aurora was the same, like her mother. Since she saved him, he offers to be her humble servant and Maleficent gives him his first task: to find Stefan. After the Pixies drag Phillip out to find someone else to kiss her, Maleficent comes out of hiding and looks upon what she has done. As the child grows, Aurora Elle Fanning is caught in the middle of the seething conflict between the forest kingdom she has grown to love and the human kingdom that holds her legacy. Taking pity on the small bird, she turns the raven into a man.

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Iris. Age: 20.
aurora jolie wiki

In tears, she kisses Aurora on the forehead and bids her goodbye, but before she can even leave a miracle happens: Aurora wakes up happy to see her fairy godmother.

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Natalia. Age: 23.
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Diaval sees him as the key to lift the curse, but Maleficent disagrees as there is no such thing as true love. Stefan tricks her into taking a drink that puts her to sleep and after she falls into her slumber, Stefan makes the attempt to kill. James Newton Howard was hired to score the film in October

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