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Through hypnotizing moves, strippers play on overtly sexual behavior to entice customers to spend money while simultaneously facing degrading, possessive and violent reactions from the same patrons and sometimes peers. Destiny and Diamond share their experiences hoping to, once and for all, put their past behind them. While watching Hustlers it was hard not to imagine The Players Club. Destiny found mentorship from Ramona and another stripper, Diamond, played by rapper Cardi B , after a difficult time raking in cash. Both women, through the success of their dancing careers, dealt with familial conflict, failed relationships, overzealous clientele and viewed the effects of abusing drugs and alcohol through other people. However, the differences in the two stories are just as significant as the similarities.

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Diamond begins as a sales associate at a retail shoe boutique, but a visit from veteran strippers changes her outlook on earning cash.

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Diamond, of The Players Club, begins dancing to pay her way through college. Hustlers rebirths the strip club film for a new generation as its predecessor The Players Club did decades back, removing the stigma of strippers and transforming their existence from disposable ass and titties to human beings with multi-dimensional stories and complex character traits. Their narratives, whether detailing crime and peril or plush glam and designer drugs, are worthy of being told to the world. Her initial four-year hustle plan included taking classes by day and working at night, but the young co-ed did not expect to earn her money as an exotic dancer.

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