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A yellow mist settles across a motionless line of cars that seems to stretch from the horizon to the border checkpoint. Photograph by Sara Naomi Lewkowicz. Despite the increasingly fortified physical division, the cities are still so interwoven that shops take both U. She graduated high school without doing a single extracurricular activity and with few friends. This diploma, their parents hope, will be the stepping stone to a good college, a well-paying job, the American dream. Tens of thousands of people cross each day for school, work, visits, and to go shopping. This article was published in partnership with The Marshall Project , a nonprofit news organization covering the U.

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Immigration Act was passed to slow refugees fleeing the Mexican revolution.

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Cheer Squad Sleepovers 32 (2019)

That was life on the border—everyone was connected to both sides. The border is an inconvenience—one that makes them late for school or prompts sleepovers with family or friends in El Paso on game nights—and, perhaps most importantly, a cause of their sleep deprivation. A mariachi band fiddles with instruments, and the dance team dons colorful costumes paired with striking skeletal face paint.

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