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It is advisable to use a standard thesaurus of terms throughout the project. It is equally important to implement schemes for cross-referencing the unique identification numbers. Readable formats may change. Rule 34 The project archives shall be managed according to international professional standards, and subject to the authorization of the competent authorities. This applies to paper documents and digital media, but it also expressly applies to heritage items that have been removed from their location, the samples and finds. All aspects of the archaeological process affect the quality of the resulting archive. Some repositories control the tank environment with carefully selected living fish.

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All different materials must be stored in accordance with professional standards of conservation.

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This must be in line with existing legislation. Yet again, the depots need to be controlled for light, temperature and whether the water is infested by organisms that feed on the wood. Other institutes include reburial below the groundwater table as part of their archiving policy.

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