Sayaka ape escape

sayaka ape escape
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Gameplay is similar to Metal Gear Solid in which players have to use stealth and weapons to sneak around undetected and rescue prisoners. When they reach Specter, he tells them his plan about how he will use his space station to cut the earth in half and keep half of it for the monkeys leaving the other half, originally meant for Tomoki, to the humans. CG shorts Anime Cartoon series. After Specter is defeated, Monkey Pink releases him and the rest of the Freaky Monkey Five, leaving them to be caught again in extremely similar missions. Players are equipped with a Banana Pistol for stunning enemies and Pineapple Grenades for breaking open flimsy walls.

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Hadassah. Age: 31.
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Sony Computer Entertainment.

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Crystal. Age: 25.
sayaka ape escape sayaka ape escape

Sayaka attacks! [Ape Escape]

Tomoki, after being defeated by Kei and Yumi, and being humiliated by Specter, lets them take his rocket to space to defeat his former partner. Their mission was to go to every movie set and capture all the monkeys there and destroy the satellite there. He is defeated and the two escape from the satellite, leaving Tomoki to give his life to deactivate the Twin Heavens.

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