I let my brother cum in me

i let my brother cum in me
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My brother found out about me too from one of the big mouths that had fucked me and he was pretty sore about that. Fucked you my little girl and taken your virginity and had the best time of my life — you are the best fuck I have ever had. I was too young to do this BUT. I am going to show you what fucking is and that makes me cum like I can do with my hand only my cock is inside your pussy and instead of my hand doing what it is — your pussy does it for me. I was really enjoying things now and he and I were talking about how it felt and what we could do in future. I just went all limp and I was gasping for breath — some how he got me to feel like I had run a mile — I had no idea of what had happened but now it felt good after it stopped but not as good as it did when he was making it happen. We lay there for ages and more and more of his cum ran out of me and even though I washed my pussy it still ran out but it there was no more blood.

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Angelica. Age: 20.
i let my brother cum in me

I said am I now your girlfriend.

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Luz. Age: 30.
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Then to my surprise my brother did it to me too. I just nodded I was exhausted and my heart was racing and I was out of breath. Hs sat there watching me for a minute and had begun to stroke his penis again. Its the best day of your life.

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