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What if henchmen chatted about new local dining options? With an R-rated, The Venture Bros. For anyone who wanted Harley to get her own nasty, bonkers, profane carnival of heists, full of pettiness and imperfect self-discovery, Harley Quinn delivers in spades. Clayface is an annoying wannabe actor; Psycho is a misogynist pottymouth; King Shark a tech-wiz doofus. Those ghoulish money shots an artery gushing blood out the neck of the broken bottle that severed it draw out shocked laughs, though sometimes the drawings themselves can be rote. Ivy constantly pushes Harley to better things, while Harley hurts those around her and eventually comes back, tail between her legs. A car transformation scene, followed by the Hot Wheels-inspired chase, will live in my nightmares forever—in a good way!

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harley quinn fucks

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Harley Quinn

He likes them the cats and the list most of the time. Yet, as the show goes on, its ambitions start pushing out punchlines. The writing can also sometimes goes for the easy gag or non-gag, like a character pointing out how crazy something just was , but most comedies have that kind of filler. Spades full of unadulterated batshit hilarity, that is.

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