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Packing her things to abandon her home, Midori walks to the address of which the strange man had given her. There's something spooky about the small village of Hinamizawa. Will the addition to people to his team hurt Guts in the long run? Will Akari's demonic form be enough to eliminate these freaks of natures in space? Natural selection has taken its course on humanity as only the strong survive. He then grows fond of the mysterious, outcasted girl named Mei Misaki that is neglected by all the students in the class. Falis in Alita's body the bounty hunter is now the Princess of Forland and one of the most bad ass killers of all the land.

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Montserrat. Age: 20.
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The anime may have spawned the original tentacle rape genre.

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Celine. Age: 20.
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Back on earth, humanity plans to send an exterminating party to mars to rid it of these mutant creatures. An outsider, Seigen Irako, challenges Iwamoto to a wooden sword duel. Genocyber has enough bloodshed and gore to last you a while and is an anime only to be watched by the brave of heart. They then perform a ritual that leads them to fall into a different dimension into an haunted elementary school that was destroyed prior to the building of the high school.

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