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The Weapon's Mistress withdrew her lips from his and glanced at him. Naruto didn't want to die in the hands of him. He remembered seeing her in a tank top once in the beach since she rejected to wear a bikini top, and her chest was one of the central attentions that day. Tenten watched entertainingly as she stripped in front of him herself. He walked inside her small bathroom and removed his Hyuuga style outfit. Sakura and Ino were dangerous kunoichi that most men wouldn't dare to mess with. Since he didn't have the money to buy a camera, he had no choice but to steal it from the photographer that took the pictures of the incoming genins.

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He stood still for a second, thinking of who it could be; but he suddenly knew, and he quickly wanted to get out.

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We can then spend the whole night together…. The boy tried to wiggle his way out of the death gripping weapons, but Tenten's weapons were different from any other ordinary weapon. The not so cute animal was sleeping under the cold shadow of a tree when the hyperactive ninja had stepped on his foot while running around the village in search for Gai-sensei and Rock Lee.

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