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It was initially conceived as a sequel to Sonic Adventure 2 , but developer Sonic Team began to introduce enough new innovations that separated it from previous games, and it was renamed Unleashed. Views Read Edit View history. My real name is Light Gaia. In a cold open , Sonic is pursuing his nemesis, Doctor Eggman , bounding around a fleet of spaceships. Retrieved November 27, Some reviewers compared the Werehog sections to God of War.

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Initially, it was stated that Unleashed was to be intended solely as a single-player experience, and would not offer any multiplayer or online modes.

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Chip : My job was to protect the planet from Dark Gaia. How about you give me a hand help look for somebody who knows you, Chip? With Sonic Unleashed being developed internally by Sonic Team no matter what you might heard elsewhere about the game being spread across American and European development teams Archived from the original on December 19,

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