Images of sonic the werehog

images of sonic the werehog
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It appears, however, that Sonic gains some minor bestial behavior while in this form, as he howls like a real wolf at the beginning of a night stage, during the Dark Gaia Phoenix boss fight, or upon getting an A-rank or S-rank. Also, like all Power Type characters, he had the ability to perform a midair dash attack. The Werehog must cross some gaps in a tightrope walking fashion. His fur grows into a lush, heavy, dark blue coat. Before the final showdown with Dark Gaia, Dark Gaia re-absorbed the remaining power that Sonic had incidentally taken at the start of the game, stripping Sonic of his Werehog form for good. Besides combat, Sonic can also use this ability to travel around, such as grabbing onto ridges and swinging from pole to pole. Sonic mainly uses this ability in combat, allowing him to increase his attack range, grab enemies from long distances, build momentum for his attacks, and create various forms of combat moves with the energy of Dark Gaia.

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images of sonic the werehog

During the process, due to his close proximity to the Chaos Emeralds, some of Dark Gaia's energy infested Sonic's body, causing his transformation.

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Sonic the Werehog

Once he has been summoned for the first time, he will start appearing on the Spirit Board, where he possesses a puppet fighter based on Wolf. He changed Sonic's general form into something more strong looking. When caught by the Soumerca Egg Army however, Sonic finally turned into Werehog and briefly lost control.

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