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From a short distance, these bins appear to be full of loose grains, but get a bit closer, and you'll see that the grains are actually thousands upon thousands of squirming, wriggling larvae. That way, he could analyze the data and diagnose problems. But Courtright was determined to figure it out. Last autumn, Courtright had been feeling good about the business--with 10 full-time employees overseeing breeding, milling, and product testing. Once you get past the ick factor, the idea is logical.

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After 22 years in the military--first as a signals analyst in the United States Air Force, then as an intelligence officer in the Navy Reserve--he had become an expert at designing and troubleshooting high-tech systems.

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You need process engineering, systems analysis, to get this to scale. That was probably a minute no-go decision. He would make fuel out of oil from local restaurants and food-processing plants. Courtright was so excited that he had trouble articulating the big news.

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